Saturday, September 4, 2010

Epic Browser

Background of Epic

The Epic Browser is the first-ever web browser for India and the first product from the software company Hidden Reflex.

Hidden Reflex is a software product startup founded by Alok Bhardwaj in 2007 and based in Bangalore. Alok, who was raised in the U.S., was inspired by the success of open source software and web 2.0 innovations. Hidden Reflex began as a team of three but soon progressed and now has dedicated teams working on two products simultaneously – the Epic Browser and NewsDrink. The company also has three patents pending related to its product innovations.

The company’s vision is to become the first globally recognized, consumer-oriented software product company in India. According to Alok Bhardwaj, CEO and Founder of Hidden Reflex, “We want to prove that India can be a hub for innovation in software and technology."

Our mission with the Epic browser is to create the most secure, most productive and most “Indian” browsing experience of any web browser!

What Someone might need in a browser..
  • help to blog
  • news search
  • store personal data
  • upload data directly from browser that of our Hard Drive
  • multiple language
  • attractive theaming/background
  • faster
  • Various Social Networking sites updates
  • Mails updates
  • Antivirus
  • Online News Channel
  • and lot more

all this available in a single 9MB application that is Epic Browser


Please refer this page for mindblowing Interface

Every one must try Once...