About Me

Hi Friends,

Myself Sandeep Prajapati...
In this complex world, a simple Person....

I wanted to be an engineer.. but after my 10th (SSC). I went on the way of commerce..(A/Cs) ha ha ha :)
But guess my luck.. I am back after my 12th (HSC) in M.Sc.(CA & IT).

so now i am a Web Developer as well as a Freelancer.
I am passionate of learning new things in technologies.. especially .Net Technologies.

During College,
in 2nd yr i did my first project in VB 6.0
It is regarding Election Management System

it was developed in VB6.0 and Back-end is Oracle 9.0
to organize small kind of election like our Board meetings, college Election etc..
the system can be used.
i could extend it for very vast level elections, but at that time i had not reach till web. it was a normal window application. but now its not impossible for me...
this was my dream concept.

In 3rd Year,
At NID, National Institute of Design,Ahmedabad.
I worked on a project of Library Management System.
It was for NID's intranet. with all required library functionalities.
this was my first .net Application in framework 1.1

in 4th Year,
a small hypothetical application in JSP
in JSP i implemented media(document, exe or any kind of media files) upload and downloads.

in 4th Year Summar Training
At Kaushalam Digital 
At kaushalam for a portal i made Poll and Gallary.
it was developed using aspdotnet Starter kit

at last my Final Training at PAM Technologies, Ahmedabad.
Over here i learnt  a lot regarding patterns, proper executions, implementing new things help us for developement etc..

now finally i have joined Krish Compusoft Services Pvt.Ltd.
as an employee..
i joined Krish on 2nd june 2009

that was the first step of my professional life.. and finally i started earning..
i could say myself as employed.. lol

now a turn...
on 11th November 2010 i changed job.. that moment was quite difficult but i need to move with force to keep myself in rythm.

and there were few personal reasons were there so i need to get better job..
but fine its talk about personal life..

now i have joined Priya Softweb Solution and as per my expectation in terms of job, i got 100% from here...

from 11th November i am at new place, learning a lot, struggling to get a standing position ...

let's see i think this is life..

to get something we have to change few things.. but then also sometimes the thing which we get is meaningless because we loose rest all things for which we needed the new thing..

ha ha... thing thing

Today 9-Dec-2013..
After a long time I am going to add more information about me.

So many things have been changed now.. let me keep on the things things words.. They really meant in my life..

Now I am professional Software Engineer with more than 4 years of experience.. So far my career is moving on top speed. I am getting whatever I wish and I can implement whatever I wish. so my employer is satisfied with me and I am with Company.

Now my focus is not only to write code but I am trying to write optimum code, managing clients and lot more...

uptil here is my technical journey... now i don't think that i should write more about my personal life...

All the best...